Scammers are getting more and more wise and continue to prey on those looking for a bargain. Please be aware that we have evidence of two people in recent months claiming to either be us, or be affiliated with us.

The first had opened an account advertising on Sphock and was claiming to be us. Thus if you called Butlin's to try and verify that we are the owners of the caravan, Butlin's would confirm that was correct.

The second person was advertising on Facebook. They were claiming to be our business partner. Again providing our name so that when you tried to verify this with Butlin's they would confirm that we were true owners.

Please note the following:
We do not rent through any agents or third parties (other than Trip Advisor, and it's subsidiaries)
We only accept bookings (other than Trip Advisor, and it's subsidiaries) via this website as per the instructions on the 'How to Book' page
We have now abolished the 4% surcharge for PayPal payments on caravan hire to give guests some protection. Note: Unfortunately the surcharge will still apply to ticket sales as we do not add anything to Butlin's ticket price.

We would suggest that potential guests research as much as possible. Please see the link to our Facebook page where we have been posting since the caravans were new.

Please feel free to message us both via the contact details on this website, and via the messaging system on our Facebook page to verify that you are definitely talking to us.

Please remember that scammers attempt to trap people by offering them something that creates a sense of urgency so that you have to move quick so that you don't miss out! If it sounds to good to be true, it quite possibly is!!!

Please always ask as many questions as it takes to feel safe!

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